six axis controller

The Play Station 3 has been designed in a way that it can support and run up to 7 wireless controllers at one point of time. Therefore your entire gang can plan to get together where your PS 3 will be your best friend. But do you possess enough controllers to support each and every friend you want to invite? If not, you would be glad that there are numerous remotes available in the market of which a dual shock 3 wireless controller is in the top runs.


six axis controller

It will cost you not more than $42 on Amazon for each (at the time of writing this blog post) and shall make you the most loved person in your gang when your friends experience the services it provides. The pressure sensors that have been installed in the controller make sure that you have the best control over your character in the game.


The second most stunning feature of the Dualshock 3 is the presence of sixaxis Controller highly sensitive motion technology that senses even a small move made by you while playing. Sixaxis Controller Apk allows you to use gaming controllers on android device. Its Bluetooth technology lets you lift the benefits of wireless game play and keeps you out of the hassles of wire tangling when a large group is at play. The USB that comes within the pack of PS3 can be connected to each and every device to charge it up. Its rechargeable battery like many others gives a great battery back up and thus the requirement of recharging it arises after a considerable amount of time. It is even available in different colors to suit your taste. So, it is actually a great thing to have by your side.…

Hi friends! today i gonna show you how to use cheats in gba emulator for android. There are Gameshark, action replay, codebraker cheats available for games. Many of us including me use My boy GBA emulator for android. But adding cheats are much like same in all emulators.

Here are the steps :

1. First of all you have to find your related cheat. Search google for cheats , you should type the game’s name then type gameshark, action replay, Codebraker.
2. Open any webpage you like then choose codes and then copy the code.
Usually cheats are in two words as an example : 5662567c c85c488b
3. Now open the emulator app Go to Cheats option and paste to new one.

Gba Hacks – Using cheats on gba emulator for android

My boy and John gba cheats settings are almost same.


1. Load your game.
2. After loading your game go to option menu there you will see cheats option click it.
3. Now on the right corner click to add new cheat.
4. Choose name and let the cheat type in auto detection.
5. Now paste the cheat in cheat code and save it.


You must have your cheats enabled to use them. By default it is enabled in all emulators but you should check at once.

Get GameBoy Advance cheats here

my boy emulator features

My Boy Gba Emulator is a super quick emulator to run GameBoy Advance diversions on the broadest scope of Android gadgets, from low-end phones to present day advance  tablets.

my boy emulator features

Why My Boy Emulator is so Special ?

There are different gba emulators accessible with some being free and some being paid. An emulator accessible for nothing of cost doesn’t really to be great than the one that is accessible to buy. Notwithstanding, My Boy Emulator is one emulator that has pick up heaps of ubiquity among the diversion sweethearts for its free form. The My Boy shockingly offers astounding knowledge to its clients of free form. The My boy GBA emulator is likewise accessible to buy for $5, yet My Boy trusts in giving its clients a superior encounter before they make any buy and why not.

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  • It has the most fastest emulation feature.
  • You can get good speed without any lags on normal android mobile with low end specifications as well.
  • You can run many type of games without a problem.
  • Low usage of battery thus you can save battery and have good batter backup on your android device.
  • You can link devices as easy as linking any Bluetooth device to your mobile. You can link through wifi as well.
  • It has lot of Sensor support feature which makes it so special.
  • No Bios file is need for emulation. The emulation comes with very good bios emulation feature.
  • You can easily patch Ips rom or ups rom.
  • Even without gpu on your device you can enjoy the high end gaming experience on your android device with my boy gba emulator.
  • It has some of the best video filters available.
  • When a game has a long stories you can easily skip those parts and fast forward it also to slow down the game from normal speed there is option for it as well.
  • Best feature of My Boy Gba emulator is you can save your game at any time.

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If you think that you might qualify for free on-line tax preparation and e-filing, go to the IRS website to find out if you meet the requirements and which preparation service will best suit your individual needs. Why spend money buying a desktop software program if you can do it for free on-line?…